Schedule-A-Ride: (906) 387-4845 (48-hour notice required in outlying areas)
Schedule-A-Ride: (906) 387-4845
(48-hour notice required in outlying areas)

Backpacking Shuttle Service

阿尔及尔交通管理局(ALTRAN)为背包客和徒步旅行提供班车服务,沿着湖岸小径在图岩国家公园内徒步旅行. The 42.4-mile trail, part of the North Country National Scenic Trail, is located between Grand Marais and Munising. 


在预订十大正规体育平台之前,请确保有野外露营许可证......注意:十大正规体育平台不提供往返教堂的十大正规体育平台 & MOSQUITO LOCATIONS.

Link to obtain camping permit:

Park Pass: -注意:从2022年3月1日起,公园将需要通行证.

This is not an automated reservation system.  预订和确认在正常营业时间星期一早上7点到星期五下午5点. 如果您在周五下午5点之后为周六或周日保留了您的位置, your reservation will not be booked or confirmed. PLEASE ADD altrandispatch@jamadots.com到您的联系人或检查您的垃圾邮件/垃圾邮件文件夹为您确认.

如果您没有收到电子邮件预订确认….your reservation has not been booked!!!

Before You Arrive…

  • All transportation service listed requires advance pre-paid reservations
  • 如果十大正规体育平台没有预约,十大正规体育平台就不会安排行程或安排司机.
  • 请至少提前一周预订 are first come first serve.
  • 在预订页面上列出的接送地点和时间如下 only locations and times available.
  • Cost: $35.00 per person

Backpacker Shuttle Route Map

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Altran bus backpacking route

See schedule below for various pick-up location times.

Backpacker Transportation Schedule

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Munising to Grand MaraisGrand Marais to Munising
Route 1
7:30a.m. Sand Point Ranger Station 9:35a.m. Grand Sable Visitor Center
7:45a.m. Munising Falls Visitor Center 9:45a.m. Log Slide
8:05a.m. Miner Castle 9:55a.m. Hurricane
8:35a.m. Little Beaver10:05a.m. Twelve Mile
8:55a.m. Twelve Mile10:25a.m. Little Beaver
9:05a.m. Hurricane10:55a.m. Miners Castle
9:15a.m. Log Slide11:15a.m. Munising Falls Visitor Center
9:30a.m. Grand Sable Visitor Center11:30a.m. Sand Point Ranger Station
Route 2
12:00p.m. Sand Point Ranger Station 2:00p.m. Grand Sable Visitor Center
12:15p.m. Munising Falls Visitor Center 2:10p.m. Log Slide
12:35p.m. Miners Castle 2:20p.m. Hurricane
1:05p.m. Little Beaver 2:30p.m. Twelve Mile
1:25p.m. Twelve Mile 2:50p.m. Little Beaver
1:35p.m. Hurricane 3:20p.m. Miners Castle
1:45p.m. Log Slide 3:40p.m. Miners Falls
1:55p.m. Grand Sable Visitor Center 3:55p.m. Sand Point Ranger Station
  • 请在预定接机时间前15分钟到达. Bus leaves promptly at scheduled time. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  • 预订更改:一次预订更改可以免费,之后将有一个 $15 fee for each change made. 预订更改必须在服务日期前至少72小时进行.
  • 退款政策:如果在服务日期前至少72小时取消,将全额退款. 如果您错过了领取时间,恕不退款, weather, or illness/injury prior to or during your hike.

Backcountry Camping and Hiking Tips/Information

十大正规体育平台总是建议你步行到你的车,这样你就不必担心偏离轨道赶上公共汽车或错过你的车,如果你迟到了(因为十大正规体育平台不能等待)。. 十大正规体育平台可能会有其他徒步旅行者在沿途接送,并且必须保持一个时间表.

徒步旅行和背包旅行有潜在的危险,包括受伤或死亡的风险, 每个参与这些活动的人都需要了解其中的风险, obtain the necessary training, and take the needed precautions.

BE SAFE! BE PREPARED! 无论多长时间,只要你准备充分,任何徒步旅行都会更有趣. 

  • If you plan to be out an extended time, 让别人知道你要去哪里和预计回来的时间. 
  • 准备一张地图(可以考虑拍一张张贴在一些步道起点的地图), compass, or GPS, and know how to use them.
  • Emergency cash/money
  • Flashlight or head lamp
  • Sun protection: sunglasses, sun-protective clothes and sunscreen
  • First aid: including foot care and insect repellent 
  • Knife: plus a gear repair kit – axes & hatchets are not allowed in the National Park
  • Few 100′ of para cord
  • 垃圾袋-晚上用的包/背包(不允许放在熊箱里)
  • Zip lock Bags
  • Fire: 火柴、打火机、火绒(必须放在大多数地点都有的公共火圈里,但不是全部)
  • Extra food: beyond the minimum expectation
  • Extra water: beyond the minimum expectation, 除了12英里海滩之间的几个地方有饮用水 & Miner’s Castle, which amount to 23.9 miles
  • Proper footwear & clothing: don’t forget the rain gear
  • Be careful on the cliffs and stay back from edges. 注意松散的土壤,绊倒的危险和削弱的岩石. Many areas are composed of soft rock and are undercut.
  • Lake Superior affects the local weather-为快速变化做好准备,包括凉爽的天气和下雨.
  • Insects such as black flies, mosquitoes, 在5月下旬到9月间,咬马厩的苍蝇可能是一种讨厌的东西. 在炎热的海岸上,稳定的苍蝇是无情的,具有攻击性的, humid summer days with a south wind. 驱虫剂对它们不起作用,它们会让你的徒步旅行很痛苦. They target hiker legs and ankles, 所以在你的背包里放一些长裤和厚袜子,以防你需要它们. 别忘了剪下绒毛干衣纸,100%避蚊胺,杀虫剂等.
  • Pets are permitted only in specific areas. Please check the pets page before you plan your hike. 
  • Bicycles are not permitted on any trails.
  • Drones are not permitted anywhere in the park. 
  • Backcountry 只有当你计划在野外露营过夜时才需要许可证.
  • Practice Leave No Trace.
  • Please use toilets where provided. 否则,将垃圾埋6-8英寸深,并用土壤覆盖.
  • 带一个袋子,把你的垃圾拿出来,包括所有的食物,比如橘子皮和葵花籽.
  • Wear bright colors when hiking during hunting season.
  • Be Bear Aware:
  • For your safety:
  • Maps:
  • Hunting:
  • Weather:

如果你或你的团队决定他们想要/需要从Altran乘车,而没有事先预订,这将是35美元.00元/人当场现金支付(司机不接受信用卡/借记卡),视情况而定. No exceptions!!!!

如果你在徒步旅行中遇到疾病/受伤的麻烦,你不能完成你的徒步旅行 does not 如果您需要紧急管理服务,您可以联系Altran,以获得返程服务,但需额外支付35美元.00 fee per person. 您将被指示徒步到最近的道路或小径起点接车.  (**注:由于路况及旅游挤塞,澳创不使用教堂路). 如果您需要紧急管理服务,请发短信或拨打911. ****注意****园区内所有区域均不提供手机服务.

亚创或其员工不是搜救人员,不承担任何责任 to any damage, personal injuries, or death as a result of the use of any information, maps, routes, advice, or gear discussed on this website. 所有户外活动的风险由您自行承担.

As a reader, you recognize this, assume all risks of property damage, personal injury, and death, and agree to hold Altran, 其雇员不会因阁下使用本网页所提供的资料而承担任何责任.

This website accepts payment, or a promise of future compensation prior to, or in exchange for shuttle services. 本网站上所有原创内容均为观点, beliefs, or experiences of the writers of this website. 这个网站的作者并不是背包旅行或徒步旅行方面的专家,而是对这个话题有浓厚兴趣的普通消费者. The content here should not be taken as expert advice. 如需更多信息或问题,请先发电子邮件 如果您在规定的时间内没有得到回复,请拨打906-387-4845,分机. 1.